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The Housing Opportunities Collaborative (HOC) works to educate the public on all aspects of owning or renting a home by leveraging our vetted network of partners and professionals. We are a free resource here to assist you with all housing and related issues like credit, debt and financial wellbeing.

From renting to buying to sustainable homeownership and more, HOC works to ensure you have the most up to date information and comprehensive resources easily accessible. This includes offering services to help you better understand legal situations, build assets, and improve overall financial wellbeing.

Not only do we provide information, we develop opportunities and present avenues for you to seek assistance, enabling you to achieve sustainable housing and address other housing related concerns by connecting you to our partners who specialize in all areas of housing related issues.

In order to remove the barriers to access the services offered by its partner agencies, HOC launched the Virtual Counselor Network (VCN), a game-changing technology for the community and housing services industry. VCN enables coaches and counselors to help clients on demand, using a secure and virtual connection across the Internet. The benefit to the public was a quick response to their needs and just-in-time connection to trusted providers for housing, consumer finance, small business, employment and more; and providers achieved operational efficiencies while broadening organizational reach and capacities.

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